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SEO Experts Academy Review – WOW!

Thank you for checking out our SEO Experts Academy Review.  As of this date, Oct 28th, 2011, SEO Experts Academy is still in its launch phase.

All I can say is… WOW,  SEO Experts Academy is authentically a great program of outstanding value.

And it is dirt cheap, at least at this point and will be so for a few more days when it increases by just $100 (effective Nov 2, 2011).   Still at full price, this is amazing value and incredible content.

If you are like me, you are sick to death of the over promised programs that may sell for ten times this one and still don’t deliver.  I can confess to having bought and regretted several of these over hyped and over priced programs that just don’t produce over the past few years.

SEO Experts Academy

Amazing SEO Content – Videos, PDF Training

What I like about SEO Experts Academy is that there is no hype and solid actionable content.  It offers a large number of professionally produced high quality videos and for me; they are just the right length, mostly pretty short, 10 minutes or less.  And there are also fabulous pdfs with what amounts to action checklists that provide you with sequence of steps necessary to make your SEO actions, site building, etc work.

I also really like the exceptionally clean site layout and navigation in SEO Experts Academy.  Easy to find what you want and navigate to it easily.

I have not had time yet to complete the course so I am reporting on what I have found so far.  But!.. after seeing just a few of the techniques and concepts that you would never think of, I can say for sure that this program is going to help you greatly to chart and follow the right path in your SEO efforts.

The creators of SEO Experts Academy are Matt Carter and Terry Kyle and they have clearly broken new ground in SEO.  And they take a real active “hands on” involvement with their customers and that is worth a bucket load!

This is not theory; it is a collection of principles, techniques and actions that they practice everyday in their own SEO businesses.  And these are neatly rolled up in a great package and made available to those of us who haven’t got either the time or the expertise to build our own seo programs from scratch.

They have developed the methods, implemented them on their own sites (and by the way… they have over 750 active websites).  And for us that benefit from the collection and collation of methods, all the testing, trial and error and mistakes have been made.  And now, we benefit from their enormous time and efforts in creating a great system to share with us.

Here are a few of the gems shared in the SEO Experts Academy program:

  •     How to effectively get PR 5 and 6 backlinks.
  •     What is the best backlinking strategy from the start of a website until optimization has been achieved
  •     How to build or buys sites, optimize them and flip them
  •     How to get the highest ranking Google groups links from forum posts and what really matters with getting these links. ‘The Google Groups Hijack method”
  •     How to take the shortest path to excellent serp rankings, no more waiting 6 months to rank.
  •     And it goes on and on!

So, in writing our SEO Experts Academy review, it is always good to mention or find a flaw (or so they say!).  So far I had one issue… and I want you to know how quickly it was fixed.  When I first downloaded my copy of the program I couldn’t access the videos.  So I sent a support ticket.  So today, when this is being written, it is Saturday and so I am thinking…I may get a response by Tuesday like many other support programs work.

To my surprise and delight I had a reply within and hour and it was fixed for me almost instantly.  This organization knows how to serve its clients.

I hope you have found my SEO Experts Academy Review useful.  I am proud to be one of a select few approved to be a promoter of this product and so far, I can’t say anything but to sing its praises.  This program is the real deal to work at home online.  If SEO is your gig, just get it!  If you were expecting a $997 price tag you are not even close… in a good way!  Until Nov 1st it is 2 payments of $97 and that is a steal.  After that it goes up to $297.00.  And yes, if you buy it through this link we will receive a commission.  I only promote those product and programs I believe in and have invested in myself.


Pete Jones

PS:  I almost forgot.  This is not one of those programs with a dozen upsells that you need to make the main deal work.  The SEO Experts Academy ifs fully “self standing”.  It needs nothing more to make it work for you.  They do offer one upsell, a $77.00 extra that is useful for SEO local business consultants; ”Lead Gen Products Masterclass” and also, a report that helps you understand how to get valuable .edu links, ‘EDU Link Pro” .  Great extra value for the money but totally unnecessary to the main product, SEO Experts Academy.

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